"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
"Dear Brandi,
We are pleased to inform you that your script MISSING has been selected for the second round of consideration for the 2013 Sundance Screenwriters Lab!" 

That was the news I got via email about 3 weeks ago and needless to say, I was thrilled! I was also under the gun as I had to send them the complete script for the second round by August 17th (only had to send the first 5 pages along with all this supplemental material like a synopsis, my vision for the project, my bio, etc.) but I've always worked best under pressure and I'm proud to say I finished the first draft in the nick of time.

According to their site, this is what will happen next: Filmmakers selected for the second stage of the review process are asked to submit full screenplays of their projects, which are reviewed by Institute staff. A short list of projects is then recommended to a Selection Advisory Committee comprised of writers, directors, and independent producers who work with the staff to make final decisions.

Ultimately only 12 projects will be selected for participation in the lab and while I'd LOVE for my script to be among them, I'm very happy that this news forced me to complete writing my first feature, which is an accomplishment in and of itself.

(My view as I dropped off my envelope)

In other news I recently participated in a manager and agent showcase at SKS and I've started a support group of actors, writers and other industry folk called 3-2-1 that meets once a month to discuss 3 goals we will work towards achieving, 2 industry people we will contact and 1 person or organization that we will help. I'm very pleased with how motivating, supportive and collaborative the group has already become and I look forward to wonderful things happening because of it.

Finally, as the summer starts winding down and episodic season begins winding up, it's time for me to really get focused on what the hell I'm doing on the acting front. I mean literally, nothing's happening right now. Mind you, that's not a complaint, just a reality. My reality. I have friends and colleagues who are going on plenty of auditions right now but that's just not me. Part of it is that I'm unrepped (my commercial agent dropped me back in May) and have been really focused on working on my short. But a bigger part of it is that casting directors don't know who I am, so I have to change that. And now that I have a day job that I'm really liking and hoping will work for the long haul (we'll get to that on a later post) I really don't have the time to intern. What does that mean?...

Time to dip my toes into the CD workshop waters. Ah the controversy! Yes it's "pay to play" and no, I'm not a fan but I've come to accept that it is what it is. It's certainly not the best or only option out there for building relationships with casting directors but it is a popular one and it's one I'm going to test out over the next few months. We shall see what comes of it.