"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin

I haven't had any auditions lately to write about but there's LOTS going on with Diary of A Wedding Planner so I'll focus on that instead.

Today I saw the rough cut of our teaser and I loved it!!! There are a few tweaks that the director wants to make, all of which are fine with me, so next week I'll actually have something to show you! Mind you, it'll only be a 30 second preview of what's to come but I'm excited nevertheless!

I also have my first pitch meeting coming up next week with someone who works at Sony which I'm SUPER excited about. A friend & wedding planner colleague of mine happens to be friends with this woman and told her all about this project and now she wants to hear more. Could lead to nowhere, I know, but I choose to view it as a great opportunity to share my passion project with someone who can legitimately open doors that I don't have access to. So YAY!!! And in preparation for this meeting I am working on my DWP Marketing Plan. I don't exactly know what I'm doing here but I'm putting together a packet that will hopefully touch on some of the things that I think a production company/network executive/or other potential investor would want to know in regards to DWP's potential for monetization. Hopefully I'll get it right but in case any of you out there know someone with experience in this area, please send them my way. :-)

And on a personal note, I started a new job today. I've officially joined the ranks of the other hundreds of thousands of actors here and am now a Server! It's a casual restaurant {I mean really, do I seem like a fine dining kinda girl to you?} and I'll be working 30-40 hrs per week which is great since I need all the hours I can get. Shouldn't have a problem switching shifts with someone when I get an audition but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Hustling from one audition to the next...
My son, my baby, my Jayden graduated from kindergarten today and I just can't believe it. I'm very proud of how well he's done this year and I just know I need to start taking Spanish lessons myself in order to keep up with all that he's learned. Hopefully I can find an affordable summer program to enroll him in but until then for the next few weeks he & his little brother will be visiting relatives so I'll actually be kid-free for a moment. I plan to use this time to finally meet up for coffee or cocktails with people I've been wanting to chat with {no babysitter needed, yes!} as well as continue to look for a day job since the night job I got {and loved} turned out to be a temporary gig.

First up, table read tonight for an independent feature film entitled The Things Stolen. Should be fun.
Soooo not happy with the way tonight's Lakers game unfolded. They've got to do better or else it's over.

That is all.
Tonight I'll be attending the S.O.L.O. The Series Premiere Party held at Cinespace. I was first introduced to this webseries by Allison Vanore, a lovely woman who will be directing episodes 3 & 4 of Diary of A Wedding Planner, as she is one of the producers of this show. I'm very excited to watch the premiere episode and support other actors who are self-producing!

If you're free tonight and want to mix and mingle with other actors, writers, and industry people who are making it happen for themselves, rsvp at http://watchsolo.eventbrite.com/. Best of all, it's free!

Hope to see you there.
I'm officially SAG-Eligible now! And I had the pleasure of calling the other 5 actors that I taft-hartleyed to give them the news of their eligibility as well, which REALLY made my day.

Though I haven't gotten my letter yet, I used the eligibility checker on SAG's website because, well because I'm kind of impatient and wanted to see if the paperwork had cleared yet. And while it has always shown "Not Eligible" today it showed this:

"Congratulations! Your recent employment as a [Principal/background] performer qualifies you for membership in Screen Actors Guild, the most distinguished performers union in the world. Most performers consider receipt of a SAG card to be a seminal milestone in their professional careers.
Please review the Acting In Your Interest brochure to learn more about SAGs distinguished and fascinating 70-year history of protecting performers rights, wages and working conditions and all the benefits of union membership. All new SAG members pay a one-time-only initiation fee and semi-annual dues at the time of joining. Annual dues are $116, plus 1.85% of your previous years SAG earnings. We look forward to welcoming you into Screen Actors Guild. When you join, you will add your voice and professionalism to more than 120,000 members worldwide. You may download the forms necessary to apply for membership in the Screen Actors Guild. You will need to call the membership department to determine what joining fees are in your area. Please Note: All new members pay a one-time initiation fee rate, plus semi-annual base dues of $58.00. The national initiation fee rate is currently $2277.00."

There was more but you get the gist.

*Doing the happy dance.*

Happy Monday ya'll!