"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
This HILARIOUS website has become one of my faves for a good laugh. It features anonymous emails readers send in from their moms {like the one below} that will crack you up.

Do Not Appear In Guys Gone Wild.
About Mexico for break. Just please be careful. Lots of dubious characters hang around spring breakers.
Watch your drink, do NOT leave a bar with anyone but who you came with, and do not appear in Guys Gone Wild. Do not use, buy or travel with any drugs of ANY kind. They do not treat young Americans well in their jails. I will not be spending any money to bail you out.Other than that, have fun and do not be stupid.
Love, Mom

Though it has nothing to do with acting, it's still worth a read if you want a daily dose of humor. And who knows, if you have a mom like mine, you may end up sending them a few emails of your own.

Take a peek: Postcards From Yo Momma

Slumdog Millionaire was the darling of the Academy Awards. I will definitely see this movie in the next 2 weeks so that I can experience what all the hype is all about.

Danny's speech is quite entertaining, especially when he thanks Warner Bros Studios for passing up this movie & selling it to Fox. Bet WB is seriously kicking themselves right now!

Most people thought Mickey Rourke would take home the Oscar as he's been this season's Comeback Kid so you can actually see some audience members who are pleasantly surprised by the winner. What I love about this speech is its honesty & the nod to Mickey at the end.

Kate is an endearing actress and yet I haven't been excited to see The Reader due to its subject matter. I think this is a film I'd much rather watch on DVD at home. Either way, congratulations Kate!

Heath gave an excellent, delusionally dark performance. I'm glad his family accepted the award on his behalf rather than just someone from the film.

Since the only performance I saw was Taraji's in Benjamin Button, I need to check out Vicky Barcelona to weigh in on Penelope's win.

While I usually keep my love for acting & event-planning separate, I just had to share a few pictures of a recent Old Hollywood Glam Party hosted by Jenn at Hostess with the Mostess and Chambord. If you're planning on throwing an Oscar viewing party this year {while we wait on that wonderful day when we'll be invited or better yet...nominated!} these photos are a great starting point for inspiration.
There's glitz, glam, sparkle, style and the glittering city of Hollywood all infused into one soirée. To see more eye candy, check out my Event Planning blog at Glitz & Glamour Events.

Credits: Planner: HWTM, Sponsors: Chambord, Venue: SLS Hotel, Flowers: Tick Tock, Photography: Pamela Masters

One of my absolute FAVORITE, do not miss an episode, shows is LOST. So you can imagine the little thrill I got when I saw these pictures on one of my favorite {hilarious} blogs Cake Wrecks.

This 3-D cake was designed by the super talented team at Charm City Cakes aka Duff & the Ace of Cakes Crew to celebrate the 100th Episode of the popular show. Congrats guys!

Isn't it amazing what some people can do with flour, eggs and sugar?!?

One of my goals for the 2009 year is to really get serious about getting in shape both by being active and eating healthier meals. While this has NEVER been something easy for me to do {I have an affinity for sweets}, it is necessary as a big part of pursuing an acting career is investing in my "image."

For now I've been working out at home, using my DVR to record the fitness channel as well as working out in the fitness center in my complex. But since I enjoy exercising with a group I plan to join either 24 Hour Fitness or Las Vegas Athletic Club in order to make some real progress and hopefully have fun at the same time. I've also been making a real effort towards eating healthier, well-balanced meals which means more time in the grocery store and less time in the drive-thru.

As always I will keep you all posted...but don't plan on seeing any Before & After shots- not gonna happen! :-)