"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
{Me & Ki}
We arrived on set {Biola University Library} at 8am for a 3 hour rehearsal. I'd already met my co-star Kelicia Meadows since we were put up in a hotel room together the night before and was looking forward to meeting the other two actors in the film. Our Director, Mel Turner, introduced us to Lane Hillman who played the lead role of Ben and it was then we were told the other supporting actor wouldn't be available until it was time to shoot later that day. No worries, he had a stand-in to take his place so rehearsals began without a hitch.

Around 11am we broke for lunch and were treated to Claim Jumper {OMG~their portions are huge!} and then went back to the hotel to get some rest before the shoot. Much too soon it was time to wake up from my glorious nap and get this show on the road. I became the designated driver to set and although I had driven there that morning, I somehow missed my turn and took us outta the way for about 15 minutes which meant we were late thanks to me. Sorry!

{Volunteers & Crew}

Once we arrived, the crew began setting up all of the cameras, lights & mics while we changed into wardrobe and got our faces put on.

{Right after "Hair & Makeup"}

Then came time for soundcheck, a few still shots and we were ready to roll. But before we shot anything we opened with a word of prayer, it is a Christian film after all. :-)

We didn't actually begin shooting until around 7:30pm and from there it was non-stop. When we weren't actually in a scene, we were rehearsing our scenes to come. It was a looooong night but we were comfortable, well-fed, and {for the most part} working with other professionals. *There was a slight issue with the other unnamed actor breaking character time & time again. While it was funny at first, the laughter quickly turned to irritation and he realized he needed to focus so he asked me to run lines with him privately until he got his distractions outta his system. By the end of the night he did what he had to do, along with the rest of us, in order for the director to get a good shot.

Around 5:15am it was a wrap so we exchanged contact info with each other and headed back to the hotel to get some sleep before checkout. The director was even nice enough to give all his actors a $75 Visa Giftcard, an unexpected treat which has been completely used up to fill up my gas tank, thanks Mel!

All in all, The Dating Dilemma was a great shoot and I hope to get a chance to work with most of them again.
{Me, Ki & Lane}
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