"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Last week's trip to Sunset Blvd for an audition & LA Casting mixer was interesting to say the least. The commercial audition turned out to be Commercial Print- apparently I read the breakdown too quickly. They were looking for "Attractive Moms, 25-32 who look real & natural" and although I fall into that age range in real life I know I look younger so I tried to pick an outfit that wouldn't be considered trendy. Anyhow, since it's for print and not an actual commercial the audition consisted of 3 photos being taken- 2 profiles & 1 head-on, and that's it. Quick, painless and out the door. I have no idea what they really want as the other actors in the waiting room were as varied as you can get, definitely a picture of the Melting Pot that is America. What I do know is that I could use the $1500 it's going to pay whoever books it, so here's hoping!

After the audition I stopped by Wendy's to kill some time since I had an hour before the mixer would begin. First of all, for those of you who've never been to Sunset Blvd just know that it's a street full of characters and a lot of them were out that night. One in particular latched on to me for about 10 minutes while I was trying to eat. He was bootlegging something, cd's I think, and although I wasn't interested in buying any he just kept talking. Wanted to know what I do for a living {I'm an actress like everyone else in this town}, how did I get to Wendy's {uh, I drove my car why?}, and just had to let me know I look like Whitney Houston {don't see it, but thanks} and then proceeded to sing the chorus from The Greatest Love of All, and was SERIOUSLY SINGING! All the while I'm just nodding my head trying to give him as many closed-ended answers as possible but he doesn't take the hint to get the eff away from me. At this point I realize he's not an annoying person, he's actually a bit *off* and I really start to get uncomfortable. True we're in a public place but I'm there by myself, at night, and will have to walk alone to my car, the car he's just asked me about. The kicker is when he tells me he'll "give me a chance to hang out with him" cause he's looking for a cool girl to chill with it {Never been hit on before by an Asian man so I'm taken off-guard and thinking why oh why did I forget to put my wedding ring on?!?}. And that's when I go into the "I'm married with 2 kids" spiel. He didn't believe me. Even called me a flirt. {Really wacko? What about my slightly uncomfortable smile & limited eye contact made you think that?} I was very glad when more customers came in and he went back to selling his wares to someone else, though I felt bad for the guy whom he was speaking to as I left. Poor lad had the same nodding-head-trying-to-be-nice-but-please-get-away-from-me expression as I had.

After Wendy's I headed to the LA Casting mixer at the Sunset Trocadero Lounge excited to network with other actors but a bit hesitant since I was going alone. I'd already sent a text to the very few friends I have out here but since none of them could go I forged ahead anyway and I'm so glad I went. The lounge was packed, the drinks were free and the Lakers won- WOO-HOO! While I did have one more run in with unwanted advances, this time from an old black man clearly in his 50's or older {Really?!? My young, hot mom is younger than you, GROSS!}, I otherwise had a great time and met some really cool actors who may one day turn into friends, which would be nice since I miss having a real social life.

Lessons of the day
  1. Read the breakdowns more carefully.
  2. Learn how to get out of uninteresting & uncomfortable conversations.
  3. When trying to "network" don't go on & on & ON about yourself. It's such a turn-off.
  4. Invest in some pepper spray just to be safe.

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  1. Sean Says:

    VERY interesting night sorry you had to be hounded by that strange man... but its a good thing u made sum contacts!!! You learned sum lessons too lol

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