"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin

*Cue the Rick Ross Remix while you read this post*

Slowly but surely things are beginning to line up for me...

On the home front...
I found a place I absolutely LOVE in Burbank and wouldn't you know it's the same place we were planning on moving to when we first came out here? Though it wasn't advertised online, I called the management company to inquire about one of their other properties and found out that they have one unit available in the place we originally wanted. Since we won't be able to pay the deposit until next weekend I'm praying no one else will snag it before then because I really do love it.

Agents & Auditions...
I'm still putting auditions on hold right now but I did meet with Venture IAB for commercial representation. They saw my profile on LA Casting and had me read some copy for a Jell-O commercial. It started off well enough but for some reason I got nervous halfway through and it showed. I don't know why I let my nerves get the best of me, since the two guys I read for seemed nice enough, but for whatever reason I did. I think it's probably due to the fact that this is the longest stretch of time I've had to go without auditioning at all, and I'm not used to that. Auditioning is like working out, when you haven't done it in awhile your body can tell! So I'm not expecting a call from them...but it sure would be nice to get one. :-)

Casting Director Workshops...
I've gone to 2 workshops so far. The first one was at Actors Collective where I read for Andy Henry. Although this one went really well I really didn't care for the format that this company provides. Everyone reads in front of everyone else which doesn't duplicate the setting of an audition- at least not any of the ones that I've been to. On the other hand, my 2nd workshop was at Actor's Key and I definitely prefer their one-on-one format much better. Here I read for Dan Shaner and it was a mess. I was unprepared {sides were memorized but I didn't do much with the character}, a bit intimidated {Shaner is definitely not a bullshi**er} and overall just felt like I made a premature move reading for him. As a result I've since decided to only meet with Casting Associates & Assistants and not the actual Casting Directors until I've got some more training under my belt. The nice thing, though, is that with this company you get written feedback from the CD when you're done. From this feedback I learned that Dan liked my headshot- hey I'll take it.

Reel Deal...
Since I've only done one short film thus far {for which I am still awaiting copy} I've decided to go another route with getting material for my reel. Instead of waiting to get booked on another short or student film and then hoping that I'll get a copy that I can use months down the line, I'm going to use the services of a company that shoots your scenes for you for the sole purpose of starting or adding to your reel. There are multiple companies that offer this service- including Create Your Reel and Best Shot Reels but I decided to go with Relentless Filmworks. After looking at all three sites I felt that their work really spoke to me the most so I had a consult with them yesterday and I'm really excited about the concepts we've come up with and can't wait to read the scenes they create!

Dream Day Job...
I've made it to the final interview round for a part-time job as a Marketing & Special Events Coordinator for a restaurant in Hollywood. I would really REALLY love to get hired here for a variety of reasons-
  1. Funds. Living in Burbank won't be cheap and neither will all of the acting classes that I'd like to take- like NOW. Did I mention I have a paypal you can donate to?
  2. Fun. This place is super casual. I won't have to wear business attire- not even business casual and the overall vibe just seems like a laidback, fun place to work.
  3. Flexibility. I told the truth: I'm an actor looking for a day job that I will enjoy and be successful at. And you know what? They're cool with that. As long as I get the job done and produce the results that they're looking for they could care less if I step out to go on an audition. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? This reason alone makes me want to work here.
I've passed the initial phone interview and the first round of in-person interviews. The last step is for me to meet with the owners tomorrow and if they love me {and why wouldn't they} then they'll check my references and I'll finally have a part-time job! I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high because I have no idea how many other candidates have made it to this point but it's hard when I know I'd be perfect for it. *Prayers, friends, prayers*.

Now that I think about it, I guess slowly but surely wasn't the right words to use. It's more like fast & furious around here and hey, that's what The Year of the Hustle is all about.

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