"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Didn’t really want to post this but since the point of this blog is to share both the good and the bad that comes with this journey, here it is…

Now that we’re in our own apartment, money is tighter than it’s ever been. So much so actually, that I couldn’t do the fitness program I signed up for. Why you ask?
  • Well daycare for the 2 week program would’ve run me about $200 {and that’s a bargain!}
  • Parking another $20 at the meters or $50 if I actually parked in their garage
  • The extra gas would’ve been somewhere around another $60 - $75 as the gym was in West Hollywood and I still have to pick up my son from school every day in Long Beach {didn’t want to move him this late in the school year}
So all in all we were looking at a total of $280 - $325. To many people that’s not a lot of money, but when you’re watching every dollar that comes in and goes out, believe me, it is. When I originally submitted for this we were still living with my grandmother so this wasn’t even a consideration at the time but it is now. And I felt so ashamed that I didn’t even want to tell the cd the truth about why I couldn’t go through with it- I just left it at “unexpected circumstances.” Epic Fail.

I feel like such a loser who doesn’t take her fitness seriously at all since this is the third fitness program I’ve started and stopped. First one- car trouble, Second one- just wasn’t feeling it, This one- finances. Stephen told me not to sign up for anymore until we’re able to afford daycare on a daily basis rather than just the drop-in situation we have now. He’s right. Which is why I’m looking for a survival job. Yes I’m a Wedding Coordinator but it will take awhile before I build up my clientele out here and I need extra money NOW. Our basic bills are covered thanks to the stability of the hubs but if want to watch cable, have the internet, take acting classes, attend cd workshops, schedule coffee and lunch with industry folks, attend networking events, and so on & so forth, I gotta bring in some extra paper. I signed up with The Friedman Agency, a temporary agency that caters to the entertainment industry, but they offer mainly daytime work which means I’d have to pay someone to pick up my son from school each day since kindergarteners get out so early. I wouldn’t mind doing that for a permanent position but I can’t afford that if I’m only working a temp assignment as the pick-up service operates on a weekly basis. So using the temp agency is out for now but perhaps when Jayden is out of school I’ll go that route. Besides, a night job is preferred so that I can still go on auditions during the day, take my oldest to school, spend time with the little one, etc. I’ve been scouring craigslist applying for a plethora of positions- event planning, admin work, office managing and of course the #1 actor job in LA: serving. I even thought about go-go dancing as I love to dance and it would be a fantastic workout {two birds with one stone} but Stephen quickly ixnayed that idea, LOL! Guess I can’t blame in. Hopefully someone bites though, and I don’t really care who that is, as long as they can offer me a paycheck, a sane work environment and a steady number of hours, I’ll be happy.

P.S.- the fine folks of the Running Twister very graciously allowed me to keep their product so I’m gonna learn how to use this thing one way or another.

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