"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
My son, my baby, my Jayden graduated from kindergarten today and I just can't believe it. I'm very proud of how well he's done this year and I just know I need to start taking Spanish lessons myself in order to keep up with all that he's learned. Hopefully I can find an affordable summer program to enroll him in but until then for the next few weeks he & his little brother will be visiting relatives so I'll actually be kid-free for a moment. I plan to use this time to finally meet up for coffee or cocktails with people I've been wanting to chat with {no babysitter needed, yes!} as well as continue to look for a day job since the night job I got {and loved} turned out to be a temporary gig.

First up, table read tonight for an independent feature film entitled The Things Stolen. Should be fun.
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  1. Aww, congrats to little man!!

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