"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Day 204: Writing Session

Day 205: Internship- learned more about the assistant's story, how she got into casting and where she wants to go from here. Afterwards I had coffee with Ben Whitehair, Vida Ghaffari and Joy Donnell to discuss the new media, self-producing world that we are all active in in some way or another.

Day 206: Class- Cooper & Stone scene. I don't know if this pilot was picked up or not but it reminded me a lot of the show Rizzoli & Isles. I did okay today, just okay. Need to do better next week.

Day 207: Read chapter 4 of Save The Cat

Day 208: Cardio Hip-Hop Dance Class at Your Neighborhood Studio. Worked up a sweat and loved every minute of it.

Day 209 - 210: Read chapters 5 & 6 of Save The Cat

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