"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
No longer updating this list as this blog is now inactive. You can find my new posts here.

LA Actors
Inside The Actors Studio Apartment
The Working Actress
Prelude to a Big Break
Stephon's World!!! "My Long Ass Blog" An actor's journey...........
I Don't Know What

I'm An Actor 
Advice from a Big Sister
Presence in the Pursuit (or the Art of Letting Go): One Anxiety Ridden Actress’s Guide to Living the Dream
The All American Voice Next Door
DaJuan's Blog
Dennis Baker
Angry Actors
Nicole J. Butler: The Live True Project

The Actress/Model
Playbills vs. Paying Bills- 3 Actors, 3 Cities
Geeky Gorgeous Gallantry
One Less Bitter Actor
Bryan McClure- Gettin My Blog On
David August- Los Angeles Acting Blog
Donald Does LA

The Mystery Year
Fulfillment in Small Steps
Nikiva Dionne Please Add Sugar
Fairy Tales and Reality
One Happy Kat
JB in Hollywood
Living the Dream
From Hawaii to Hollywood
The Spiritual Creative
Kimberly Woods
My Shining Palace: An Actor's Journal
Jennica Schwartzman Blog
Notes on a Scandal
Parts and Labor
An Inspiring Actress
Strawberry Gypsy Ramblings
Stars & Scripts
Gratitude & Attitude
I'm an actress... may I take your order?

NY Actors
Cranky Actress Blog
The Erin Cronicals

Acting Up in New York
Tamala Baldwin Blog
Thomas O'Rourke's An Actor's Life
Awilda & Co
Unscripted - A Blog for Actors - Backstage
Playbills vs. Paying Bills- 3 Actors, 3 Cities
Constant Audition
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Passion Plays
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Diary of a Manhattan Actress

On a Mind-Boggling Journey(B)ayooteefull (J)oy
Babysitting My Way to the Dream Job... Maybe
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Justin Hoch: Actrepreneur
Elizabeth McIntire
NYC Actress
Teresa Hui's Blog-tastic Blog
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A Starving Artist's Life For Me
The Voice of an Actor
Wonderful Cow

Actors in other markets
Actress Confessions
An Actor's Life
The Burgeoning Actress
The Actress Chronicles
Acting Career Info
Actress Deb Industry Insights
Never Too Old to Dream a New Dream
You are unique, therefore, you have no competition
The Working Actress
Confessions of an Actress
The Actors View

The Secret Life of an Actress
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Beginners Guide to Acting
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Playbills vs. Paying Bills- 3 Actors, 3 Cities
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The Bloggest Bloggy Blog
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An Actor's Life
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Backstage Whispers
Christina Russo
Determined actor, screenwriter... and Mom of 3???
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Biesenblog: An Actor's Journal
TIA: The life of an actress in London
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B.A.B.E: Begin Acting. Believe Everything
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