"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin

Yesterday I had my first pilot audition for a guest star/possible recurring role. I read my sides as well as the entire episode and really liked the script so I did my best to prepare. The audition was at Cazt and it went very well! I was comfortable with the character and confident in the room, a far departure from the way I felt when I auditioned there back in August. The four auditioners seemed to like my read so I'm hoping they liked it enough to warrant a callback. We'll see.

Today was a beautiful, sunny productive Saturday. It started off wrong though, as I was supposed to attend a free CD seminar with Matthew Barry that LA Casting produces every month. I was late {my family would say that's the story of my life} but come on, WHY IS THERE TRAFFIC IN LA ON A SATURDAY?!? I didn't want to be rude and walk in the seminar a half hour after it began so I decided to go to the Samuel French bookstore on Sunset instead. Great idea! I stayed there for about 2 hours reading a few things and even bought 2 new books- all of which I've added to the Recommended Reading section of this blog.

Afterwards I headed over to The Counter in Studio City for lunch with fellow LVA Alum Baron Vaughn. Baron is a hilarious comic who is seriously on the come up. He just booked a pilot as a series regular that was recently picked up by USA called Facing Kate, so woo-hoo for him! We had a great meal {super fattening and DELICIOUS} and he offered a ton of generous advice for which I am thankful. The main point I took away from our meeting was to start submitting my headshot to theatrical CD's NOW rather than wait until I have an agent or manager. I was on the fence about this because I didn't want to waste my money mailing my photos if CD's wouldn't give me a second look since I don't have any rep or real credits yet but he stressed to me that a lot of them won't care about that if I'm right for what they're looking for and he gave me some examples to prove it. Well that's all I needed to hear! I had just purchased a subscription to Casting About a few days ago anyhow so I'm going to put it to good use on Monday and start my first round of targeted casting director submissions!

After lunch I wrapped up my day by heading to USC for a student film audition. This one went alright, not great and not bad, just alright, so once again we'll see.

Up for tomorrow: Visiting a new church {we're looking for a church home that has a great children's program in case you know of any} and then meeting with a potential co-producer for my webseries who has read the pilot episode and is really interested in coming on board.

After my February audition break it feels great to have some momentum going!

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  1. Gayle Watson Says:

    Hey Brandi! Yes, yes, yes. Mail those headshots out now. I agree wholeheartedly. A good friend of mine booked a job a few weeks ago from her headshot mailing. They do work! Good luck, sounds like things are picking up all over! Take care, Gayle

  2. Lenita Says:

    Yay Brandi !!!

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