"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Friends & Fam,

I've been a busy bee thus far and hopefully that won't change anytime soon.

With my new headshots, I went ahead and registered for LA Casting, Actors Access and Now Casting and have started the daily routine of self-submitting.

As a result I booked a music video shoot for the artists Shwayze which was a load of fun! The song will be featured in the upcoming film Sorority Row, so Rumor Willis & some of the other stars of the film were on set. It was extra work so it won't go on my resume but it was easy, quick cash and I got to meet some cool people with whom I hope to keep in touch.

One scene in particular involved a ton of flying feathers in this small section of the house shown above which was really fun at first...until we started swallowing them because there were soooo many everywhere. Add to that the fact that the next day my husband had to help pull lots of them out of my hair because they were stuck in my curls. All in all though, it was a cool shoot.

Today I had two auditions: One was short & sweet for a music video called "Back It Up & Bounce." Despite it's title, it was actually a pop song and we just had to dance & do a bit of improv to the music.

The other audition was for a lead role in a short film entitled "Teddy." If booked, I'll play a mother coping with the death of her little boy. As a mom to two boys myself that is my absolute worst nightmare but from a performance standpoint I'd definitely love the chance to play this role.

I went in somewhat nervous {because I haven't acted in YEARS and really didn't expect to start auditioning for anything so soon} but I'd read the sides beforehand so once the camera was rolling I warmed up after the first take. The problem is that I'm definitely NOT used to acting in front of a camera AT ALL so I had no concept of how I would look on tape once they replay it while making their decision. The great thing was that since the audition was held at CATZ Studio, the studio itself sends you the video of your session afterwards {for a small fee of course}. I went ahead & paid the ten bucks just to see what I looked like on film and it was just as I imagined- the emotion was there but the technique wasn't. It doesn't make me second guess myself, it just reinforces my need to start taking on-camera classes {among other things} asap. So with that said, I've begun to create a list of classes to audit in order to find the right one for me.

On the homefront... I had a great interview with a local wedding planner who's looking to hire a part-time assistant immediately. The hours will be flexible {perfect!} except on wedding days of course and the pay pretty reasonable. I'm supposed to interview with another planner and a restaurant/lounge looking for an Event Coordinator this week so I won't make any decisions until I've met with all of them {provided they all want to hire me}.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more...

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  1. Brandi... congrats on the Shwayze video! Sounds like a good time was had, if not a little fowl. ;)

    I've been a sporadic visitor to your blog and find myself rooting for you (fellow parent of 2 trying to hang on to a dream!). Best wishes in everything!


  2. lolly Says:

    Wow! You're so motivated and such a go-getter. I will definitely be taking some pointers from you. Good luck getting the roles :)

    (I'm from Talenthouse, just so you know!)

  3. Brandi Ford Says:

    Thanks for the support guys!

    Justen, I've been following your blog for a little while in my google reader and didn't realize you were also a parent. Makes this career even more colorful doesn't it!

    Lolly, thanks for reading and I look forward to learning more about Talenthouse.

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