"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
We're halfway into 2010 {how is that possible already?} so according to my "Year of the Hustle" Action Plan it's time for me to reevaluate and update my goals and the steps needed to achieve them for the remainder of the year...I was supposed to do this in June, my bad!

1. Live a healthier lifestyle
I've been eating a lot of seafood and fresh or frozen {never canned} vegetables. Sushi has quickly become a favorite- so much so that it's usually my go-to choice when meeting with people for lunch. Side note- Bricks & Scones is my favorite coffee spot! Their scones are golden, buttery & delicious. Their salads are fresh & tasty and they have free-wifi. Best of all, it's about 10 minutes from my place and from those who live in the valley so it's a pretty central spot. I actually have yet to taste their coffee but it's Intelligentsia and apparently that's the crème de la crème of java. Anyhow, as far as eating more food made from plants, I'm doing fairly well. What I still need to improve on is to stop eating sweets at night. Sweets are truly my achilles heel {has been all my life} and though I've cut down on them, I still reach for them first to snack at night which means all those calories have no where to go once I go to sleep. Soooo not good for any attempt at losing weight. Lastly, exercise. Haven't done it. At all. Not for lack of want but for lack of funds and that needs to change.

2. Land a commercial agent
I haven't submitted to any commercial agencies yet because I'm not in love with my commercial headshot. It shows my smile but doesn't look really natural so I was planning to hold off until I took new pictures. However, my friend {and Low-Budget Bride from DWP} Rayshell Curtiss has referred me to her rep so I'm mailing her {and 14 other commercial agents} my headshot & resume early next week. Hopefully I'll get a few meetings. Fingers crossed!

3. Become SAG-Eligible
Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh boyyyy!

4. Get listed on IMDb*
Check! But I feel like I've cheated with this one because though it's a legit tv credit it's not for acting. The Style Network show was reality tv and though we all know reality shows have scripted moments, there was no actual script for me to read or lines to learn. It was just me being me so this gets crossed off but with an asterick next to it for the technicality.

5. Book a national commercial
Though I don't need an agent for this, it would help my chances tremendously! Suffice it to say, no national yet.

6. Land a manager
I didn't want to submit to managers until I got my SAG eligibility and had some reel footage. Now that I have both, I'm ready. I've put together a list of about 50 managers that I'm considering. Some manage friends & colleagues, some have clients with co-star & guest star roles on the shows that I'm targeting, and some are those who I've read are looking for new clients right now. Using imdbpro, their websites {those who have them} and feedback from various message boards, I'm going to cut this list in half and begin submitting from there. I have some specific requirements for what I'm looking for in a manager- but that's a future post.

7. Land a theatrical agent
Ideally, I'll sign with a manager who will help me get a reputable agent. For now though, I'm putting together a list of theatrical agents I'd like to submit to when the time comes.

8. Book a co-star credit
I submit on a daily basis for the rare breakdowns for network tv that are sent out on Actors Access and {even rarer} LA Casting. Problem is, so do thousands of other unrepresented actors. The numbers don't discourage me though. They just make me keenly aware of the fact that I have to do all that I can to make my headshot & resume stand out. That, and be patient.

9. Book a lead role in an indie, short or student film
The hard part for this one is done. I've booked the lead for the student film "Low Count" but due to funding issues the start date has been pushed back. Hopefully they'll raise the funds they need but until then this one only gets crossed off halfway.

10. Develop vocal strength/stamina
I didn't actually plan to begin to tackle this goal until October but instead I've decided to replace it with something else. In light of writing DWP, which wasn't even a priority when I created this list in the first place, I want to continue to devote my time & energy into getting it off the ground. That means shooting more episodes, which means investing more money. Though we have a kickstarter fundraising page it hasn't been as successful as we had hoped so we're preparing for Plan B. Part of that plan is to shoot 3 more episodes and then pitch it to production companies who can help fund the remainder of the season. So Goal # 10 is now to save/raise enough to shoot 3 more episodes of Diary of A Wedding Planner.

Wow! That's a lot to take in for one post, so we'll Save the Action Plan for tomorrow.
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  1. OoOH! Good luck!!! You have such a unique blog. I used to do national TVCs in Manila and I miss it so much!

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