"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Picking up from where we left off 2 weeks ago, the goals I'm actively working to reach before the year is up includes...
  1. Live a healthier lifestyle
  2. Land a commercial agent
  3. Book a national commercial
  4. Land a manager
  5. Land a theatrical agent
  6. Book a co-star credit
  7. Book a lead role in an indie, short or student film
  8. Shoot 3 more DWP episodes
While the majority of my Action Plan will remain the same, the main differences are the removal of CD Workshops and acting classes. After all the hoopla over the CD Workshop issue in the last few weeks {read here if you've been out of the loop} I've decided it's better to focus my energy and money on other ways to get the attention of casting directors, with DWP being on the top of that list for now. As for acting classes, with most costing about $250 per month I simply can't afford to enroll in any if I'm going to continue to put up money for DWP. So once I have 3 more episodes shot, edited and ready to show the world THEN I will use my extra income for class. That said, here is the revised Action Plan for the second half of the Year of the Hustle.
3rd Quarter {July - Sept}
  • Substitute fruit for sweets as a late night snack
  • Start dance class/fitness membership
  • Begin submitting to managers & commercial agents
  • Shoot DWP Episode 2
4th Quarter {Oct - Dec}
  • Continue eating more fruits vs sweets
  • Continue with dance/fitness class
  • Begin compiling footage for reel
  • Submit to theatrical agents {continue with commercial agents & managers if necessary}
  • Shoot DWP Episodes 3-4
  • Send thank you notes to those who've booked me, referred me or helped me along the way
  • Create goals & action plan for 2011
So that's what I'll be focused on for the second half of the year and with today being the last day of July, ALREADY, I have a lot of work to do!
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