"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
So far I'm enjoying my day job. I work quick 5 hour shifts and my tips have been alright. What I don't enjoy are the people who stiff you, especially when you least expect it! I try to shake those folks off though and focus instead on the ones who are a joy to serve. I'm currently working 16-24 hours per week and would love to work at least 30. My managers tell me I'll be given more hours soon but in the meantime I'm applying to other part-time jobs.

My husband Stephen works for a company where he has access to tons of job openings and he came home this week with a printout of an awesome part time job I'd love to have! It's an administrative position working in the theatre, film and tv department of a local university assisting current & prospective students. The hours are great: 10am - 3pm, and the pay is fantastic! So I immediately applied AND sent an email with my resume to the Dean of that department since that is who this position reports to. Besides the finance factor it sounds like an environment I'd enjoy working in, being surrounded by actors {both aspiring & working} all day long. Hope to get an interview!
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