"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
First of all, HALLELUJAH! I finally have home internet again! This means no more going to Starbucks or Bricks & Scones at night for a few hours at a time trying to play catch up with everyone who's emailed me. It also means I can start submitting myself again for roles on LA Casting, which I haven't been able to do for about a month now. Unfortunately my Actors Access account expired and I haven't been able to renew it just yet but after rent is paid I'll get that taken care of.

Post production of Diary of A Wedding Planner has been a rollercoaster! Everything started off nice and smooth. Our teaser looked great! Our schedule seemed to be moving right on time then bam! The day our pilot episode was due to be completed we get an email from our editor flaking out on us. Turns out she got another better paying gig and threw us to the side. To say I was mad is an understatement! But everything does happen for a reason and though it's taken me quite awhile to find a new editor, it's a task that I'm very happy to check off of my to-do list. Our new editors are the fabulous Greg & Lex {husband & wife duo} of Long Lost Pictures. I can now breathe a very heavy sigh of relief and with them taking care of the pilot I am now focused on getting all of the pieces together to shoot episode 2 sometime next month.

It's that time again- Jayden is headed back to school! Time for clothes shopping, up to date physicals, nice fresh haircuts and school supplies. My baby is going to 1st grade! Of course I'll be saying "my baby" when he goes to 12th grade too. :-) I'm already prepared to be in a hectic state of mind for the next 2-3 weeks getting used to his new school schedule. And my little Stevie is growing leaps & bounds, counting to 12 and saying his ABC's. He's not yet potty-trained but he's running his mouth and his little legs a mile a minute so it's time for him to start preschool. I plan to check out quite a few preschools that are near Jayden's elementary but in the meantime he'll be going to the homecare provider where Jayden has been all this summer. There aren't any other children his age there, most are a little older, but it'll still be nice for him to be around other kids until I find the right place for him.

Sad to report that thus far none of my commercial submissions have got any response other than "no thanks." One agency brought me in for a meeting which was actually a good experience and another agency called to tell me they can't offer me any representation at this time but to resubmit within 6 months if I'm not signed with someone else by then. *Sigh* Gotta send out some more till someone says yes!

Finally our family fast is almost over, just 2 more days to be exact! And guess what, though I didn't agree to do this for the purpose of losing weight, I have. I've lost 15 lbs and am down to 130! 5 more and I'll be at my ideal weight. I'm absolutely giddy and just want to make sure I continue eating more healthy once our fast is over in order to maintain this size.

Whew! Enough updates for now. Hope you all have been doing well and have some great updates of your own.
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  1. Rob Gokee Says:

    Congrats on the fast, it's a huge testament to your will power to make it an entire month! Also, it's exciting that you're working with Longlost Pictures, they're both great people and do quality work. Good to see you back, Brandi!

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