"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Day 179: Met with Tara T. for tea at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and had a lively discussion about Brit Marling. If you've never heard of her {I hadn't until a few days earlier} she's basically the latest posterchild for DIY filmmaking. She wrote 2 movies with her roommates, both of which were accepted into Sundance and will very likely be distributed. She's now repped by CAA {one of the biggest agencies around} and is getting offers for roles in films that she wasn't able to even get in the room to audition for in the past.

Inspiring? Yes.

Do-able? Why not?

The moral of her story is that if you've been blessed with the talent to make something happen, why wait for someone else to do it for you?

So we ended our tea date determined to collaborate on a feature film. I've been asked multiple times to collaborate with others but this is the first time I've agreed to do it because it's the first time I've felt like it could actually work. Our sensibilities and the way we set about doing things are very similar so now it's just a matter of actually DOING it. Sitting down and writing the damn thing. Guess it's time to go ahead and purchase that "Save the Cat" screenwriting book I've been hearing so much about.
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