"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Day 197: Had a writing session with Tara. We know exactly where we wanna go and what we wanna do with the first act. We also know how we want to end the story but we're totally stuck in the middle.

Later that day I went to TAN to listen to guest speaker Tony Sepulveda, the VP of casting for Warner Bros. Dude had a very funny sense of humor and the place was, as expected, packed to the brim. Most important takeaway: Do mailings/drop-offs to TV casting directors as much as possible. They need so many new faces that in his opinion, those are the CD's we should focus on. Plus he's cast people who've sent him their stuff so that's always good to hear.

Day 198: Internship. Cleaned out the files of old headshots of "name" actors who once auditioned and/or was cast on the show years ago. People who are constantly recurring guest stars, film stars and even series regulars with their own show now. Gave me a little hope to see that just a few years ago they were hustling themselves... I'm sure they're still hustling now, just at a much higher level.

Day 199: Today was on-set day at class and we had too much fun! Both scenes that were put up were hilarious and watching everyone put their own spin on it had us rolling. It was interesting to do a scene without  my sides {that means the scenes in my script mom, auntie & grandma} in hand. I naturally wanted to "cheat out" towards the class as if I were performing a play on stage so my teacher had to break me of quite a few theatre habits. Good stuff.
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