"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Day 32: Busy day! Interviewed with the Executive Assistant at a talent agency for a pilot season internship and while waiting to be seen I ran into the lovely Allison Volk, hey girl! Interview was quick and easy. The Assistant basically wanted to know why I wanted to intern there {Answer: This is my year of learning as much as I can about the business so I'd love to see how things work during the craziness of pilot season} and told me to start next week. Went from there to the casting office for my first day as an intern there and it was a pretty easy day since they weren't running a casting session. I mainly looked at the agency submissions on the breakdown they had just released and took pitches over the phone from agents and moreso from managers who want to get their clients seen. Fun stuff!

Day 33: Started off with a coffee date with Courtney Richards, an actor very new to town who's already got his SAG-eligibility from being cast in a webseries. He wanted to pick my brain about a few things so of course we went to my favorite cafe Bricks & Scones where I was treated to the lovely snack shown above. It looked so pretty that I had to snap a quick pic with my phone. It was nice to learn that Courtney is married with 2 small kids and I mean really small, we're talking his youngest is only 2 weeks! Sounds like a double date will be in the works once his wife has had a chance to recuperate.

After coffee I went to the Complex Theatre for a short film audition. What was that I said about not usually needing a monologue for auditions? Well scratch that. This CD wanted us to perform one of a handful of monologues that he'd written so I chose "Dana The Pleader" and it went well. Finally, as I left that audition to pick Jayden up from school I got a call from someone in the valley. Whenever I'm driving and get a call from an unknown number I let my voicemail get it so that I don't have to pull over to write down pertinent information. I saw that I had a message and figured I'd check it once I got to Jayden's school. In the meantime I got a facebook comment from CD Billy DaMota telling me to check my voicemail so I went ahead and pulled over. To my pleasant surprise he was calling to tell me to submit to a breakdown he had released this morning for a show on BET. He said I was right for two of the parts he was casting and he'd love to bring me in. Having a CD actually call me to tell me to submit for something, how awesome is that?!? It just about made my day! I just met Billy two weeks ago at Thirsty Third Thursdays, a monthly networking mixer that I went to as a part of Class Rules! and he'd seen the clip that Tara & I did a few days ago so it was nice to know that he thought of me when the time was right.

Off to work friends. Have a great night!
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  1. Kris Says:

    Brandi, I truly admire your ambition. You are busy girl! I love it! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing on your blog!

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