"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Day 34: It's 5:36 in the morning and I'm just getting off work. I'M SO TIRED I FEEL DELIRIOUS and I'll probably have to blast some rap music on the way home in order to make sure I stay awake on the road.  As you can tell today was a looooooooooooooong day. It started off with a commercial audition at Digital Dogs Casting for Dunkin Donuts. This was a "real people" audition, thus no headshots were needed. In fact, at these auditions they're actually discouraged since actors aren't considered real people. Crazy I know but it is what it is. This was super quick and easy and will probably just come down to whether or not I have enough of the "East Coast Vibe" they're going for.

After my commercial audition I had sushi with my pal Tara who was the one who tipped me off about the audition in the first place. Afterwards I was supposed to head out to a short film audition but my gut told me not to go.  Why? The audition was being held at a studio in a residence. Now I know that everyone who holds an audition in/connected-to their house is not a crazy rapist or serial killer but with a place like CAZT where everyone can hold a casting session for free I just don't see the need to take that chance. Maybe I would've felt differently if the producer who called me in was a woman and not a man but probably not. I've learned from mistakes in the past to LISTEN to my first mind and trust my gut and even if the audition was fully legit I'm happy to be better safe than sorry.

There was more to my day {definitely want to tell ya'll what happened in class} but right now I'm too tired to write so I'll come back to that later. Heading home now...
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