"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
We're shooting episode 2 on Sunday! Yay!! Finally getting the ball rolling again with my show and couldn't be happier. Plus the editing of the pilot is coming along quite splendidly! We've had to do more cutting than I expected but we're finally ready to add the score and the graphics and call it a day.

Only thing that sucks right now is that after working temporarily again at the night-job as a reality tv logger for the last 2 weeks, working on the weekends at the restaurant AND working as an assistant for a fabulous wedding in Malibu all day & night on Saturday {which, by the way, had a sexy A-List celebrity couple in attendance, one of which had a hit reality show pranking other celebrities}, my body is EXHAUSTED. Seriously. My voice is totally gone and I'm doing my best to rest it because it's got to be back by Sunday for our shoot! Try explaining this to a 5 year old who asks me like 100 questions a day, not working. Here's our convo...

"Jayden, I can't talk right now. My voice is gone."

"Why is your voice gone?"

"Because I've been talking too much lately."

"Well why have you been talking too much?"

"I don't know but I have to stop talking so it can get better."

"How will it get better mommy?"

"It will get better if I give it some rest."

"Some rest, like a nap?"


I finally just started doing my hands like a game of charades to make him understand I'm not going to talk to him for awhile but I still think he doesn't get it, poor baby.

Anyhow, going to continue drinking my honey chamomile tea at home and green tea at work to rest this sexy sultry voice of mine and get it back to normal.
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