"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Family vs Career, can you really have both? I'm sure you all have an idea of how I feel about this but I was recently given an opportunity to really break down my thoughts on this age old question. The talented actress & writer Lira Kellerman, a fellow Unscripted blogger, asked me to write a guest post on her awesome blog The Struggling Actress about why I've chosen NOT to choose between having a family and pursuing an acting career. Here's just a small sample...

As a young twenty-something with 2 small children I’ve heard it all…

“I thought you wanted to be an actress?”
Translation: You’ll never make it now.

“Oh, but you’re so talented!”
Translation: What a waste!

“Hollywood is no place to raise a child!”
Translation: You’re only thinking about yourself and not what’s best for your kids.

“LA is expensive, especially with kids. Maybe you should just stick to regional theater.”
Translation: No more major league hopes for you honey! Stick to the minors.

And my personal favorite: “Well we all had dreams once, but now that you’re a parent it’s time to get realistic.”
Translation: Give up this pie in the sky fantasy and get a real job!

To read the rest of the article {especially how I handle the naysayers and why I think having a family makes this career even MORE rewarding} head on over here but I have to warn you I have a feeling you'll find yourself digging through Lira's archives and quickly adding her blog to your must read list. I know it's on mine!

Thanks for the opportunity to share my pov Lira! I'm sure you'll make a great mother when the time comes. :-)
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