"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Day 131: Mailed over 70 postcards to CD's, agents and managers inviting them to the DWP screening.

Day 132: Last minute shopping at Michael's and Target for a few remaining items needed for our raffle at the party.

Day 133: Joined Sold Out Crowd for free for the month of May.

From their website: Sold Out Crowd is the only Los Angeles-based service that connects theatre producers with theatre lovers when those extra, unsold seats need to be filled. Our members gain free access to some of the best shows in town. That’s right; the tickets are free! Members just pay a small processing fee. Plus, we donate 10% of proceeds back into the L.A.-based, non-profit theatre community!  

How much is that small processing fee you ask? Only $3 per ticket. That's right, just 3 bucks to see live theatre all around town! In order for this to be possible, you pay a membership fee of $50 a year {though as a member of The Actors Network it's half-off!} but for the month of May you can try them for free to see if you like their service. If you're interested in taking them up on their free offer, and why not? then follow these easy steps...

  1. Go to www.soldoutcrowd.com/audience
  2. Click purple "Join the Crowd" button
  3. Carefully read and agree to the member agreement
  4. Enter FREEFORMAY and click "Show Discount" {You must do this for the code to work}
  5. Select the "Silver 2" membership which will then show "12 Months for Original $50 - Special $0"
  6. Please note that while it says 12 months, the code is only good for 1 free month and will expire on June 1, at which point you are welcome to renew.
  7. Click "Continue" and finish the sign up process
  8. If the site asks for payment information, DO NOT PROCEED. Go back and try again, following the steps outlined above.

I've already RSVP'd to go see Gypsy this Sunday. Very cool service.
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