"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
*Booked the music video I auditioned for last week {YAY!!!} but decided to turn it down. Why you ask? Well pay was supposed to be $100 but once we were selected we all got an email saying they'll only be covering the cost of gas, i.e. $20. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind working for free as long as the rate clearly states: Copy, Credit, Meals beforehand. Afterall, that's how I'm planning on getting footage for my reel. But don't list an audition as a paid gig only to tell me {after you've wasted my time & yours} that it's non-paid. Seems shady to me!

*Interviewed with Casting Director Annette Capranica @ Launch DRTV for the next installment of the "Sweatin In the Spirit" dvd series. They're looking for Christians who want to lose 20 - 50lbs while working out 5-6 days a week to gospel music. If selected I'll get a free membership to Spectrum in Redondo Beach as well as free meals & snacks everyday for the next 4 months {would totally help me to lose the 20-30 lbs I put on last year!}

*Got the casting director's feedback from my "Teddy" audition:
"Brandi was so pleasant and professional. She listened and took the adjustment. The scene with the child's lullaby did not feel true. We would suggest that she take her time and feel comfortable using the space. "
... :-( can't say I'm surprised though as I did feel myself rushing a bit towards the end. And I already told ya'll I was uncomfortable trying to figure out whether or not I was being seen on-camera. So I guess this one's a no-go. {*BTW, from what I understand, it isn't the norm to get feedback after an audition but this is one of the benefits of auditioning at CAZT.} On to the next one!

*Had a Fan-freakin-Tastic audition yesterday for a Christian short entitled "The Dating Dilemma." I read for the role of Becky..."Becky is attractive, sweet and intelligent. She's also very self aware and mature for her age. Becky's extremely focused and knows exactly what she wants when it comes to a relationship. Unable to to be played or manipulated by any guy, she's conscious of all the games that men play and is not afraid to let them know that." Sides weren't available beforehand so as soon as I got there I took time to get comfortable with the character. This time once I hit my mark I didn't worry about the camera at all, just did my thing and it felt WONDERFUL. Now I just have to wait to get the call. I know I gave a great read {the CD & reader said so} but they could still go with someone else so we'll see.

On the day job front, I had an interview for an Event Coordinator position at a hip, little restaurant in Culver City. I met with the owner, General Manager & Assistant General Manager and it went well. I was told I was an "impressive person" and that they'd make their decision within the next 2 weeks. Seems like a lovely place to work, unfortunately it's a full-time position which isn't what I want. Full-time job = no time for auditions. But no job = no money for anything so I hope to hear back from one of the part-time gigs I've applied for soon otherwise I may have to go the full-time route for awhile to pay my bills!

Up next:
  • Interview tomorrow for a makeover show on Style Network {money + free clothes? I'm in!}
  • Audition Tuesday for a featured role in the student film Checkout.
Check back with you later.

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