"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Yesterday I had the Trail To Nowhere audition. After getting a late start and then missing my exit {because I was going over my monologue so much that I wasn't paying attention} I ended up being an hour late! I didn't even know if they were gonna see me but when the casting assistant found out that I came from Long Beach she forgave my tardiness {their office is in Sherman Oaks}. While waiting for the director to come in she looked over my resume and noticed I came from Vegas. Turns out she lived there for 12 years and felt the same way that I did about it: Love it to party, HATE it to live! So from there we hit it off. Once the director came in he asked me a few questions about my monologue and let me have at it. Afterwards he asked me where I got the monologue from. I told the truth- it was an original. {I wrote it that afternoon after not being able to find something so last minute that I could connect to that would also fit the role in this film.} He laughed and said "That makes sense. You were so connected to it, it was almost like you were in a therapy session." HA! Isn't that one of the reasons why we do this? To be able to express some things we might otherwise hold inside? Anyhow, after the monologue he had me do some improv {always a bit scary at first} and that was it. They said they loved me so I hope that means I'll be getting a callback...

Today I went to the Young & Restless open call for ladies ages 18-35. I'm not usually into "cattle calls" because thousands of people sometimes show up & it ends up being a huge waste of time. But my Granny is a huge fan of the show so I went and it wasn't that bad after all. Some of the cast were on hand and were very nice to all of us and after about 2.5 hours of waiting in line I was interviewed by cast member Michael Muhney {who has BEAUTIFUL blue eyes by the way}. There wasn't any actual audition, they just asked everyone a few questions to get an idea of our personalities. I guess mine wasn't what they were looking for cause it's almost 10:30pm and I still ain't got a call. {BOO!}

After leaving CBS Studios I headed over to Raleigh Studios to audition for the game show Catch 21. It was basically a group of 7 of us playing the game with lots & lots of ENTHUSIASM! Coming from a family that LOVES to host game nights on a very consistent basis, this was a lotta fun for me. I won't know if I got picked for a few weeks but it was definitely a fun, lively afternoon. And with older family members who have played {and WON} on Wheel of Fortune, Deal or No Deal and Family Feud twice {once in the 70's and once again a few years ago}, I think it's about time the younger generation in my family try to cash in on these game shows too! After all, I didn't see a dollar of any of those cash prizes they won...just sayin. :-)

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