"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin

So now that I've deemed 2011 the year of Cultivation & Preparation, here are the goals I will be working towards... {UPDATE: Will cross off as they are completed.}

    2011 Career Goals
  1. Keep a journal of one thing I do each day to further my career
  2. Edit my reel
  3. Submit to commercial agents once a month until I land rep
  4. Finish what I started with Diary of a Wedding Planner
  5. Get DWP on IMDb
  6. Get into class and stay there for a while
  7. Join & become active in networking organizations
  8. Develop relationships with three casting offices
  9. Write more
  10. Step my game up image-wise
  11. Shake, shimmy, stretch, pop and leap into shape
  12. Join SAG

One of the main differences about my goals for this year is that I don't have things like "book a co-star" or "book a national commercial" anymore. I definitely want those things for sure! And when I meet with agents & managers I will let them know that when they ask me what my specific goals are for the next 3, 6 or 12 months. But I don't have them at the forefront of my mind this year because I realized that {for me} at the "developmental stage" that I'm at right now that's kind of putting the cart before the horse so my thinking has shifted. I'm much more focused on booking the room {aka making fans of casting offices} than just booking one job. Once I've gotten to the point where the CD's who I'm targeting actually know who I am and like my work THEN I will focus on booking roles specifically. 

Which brings me to my next point- targeting representation. If you've followed this blog for awhile you know that I'm more focused on getting a manager first and then a theatrical agent. I've known for some time now that I want a manager who also produces and has great relationships with cd's. But I've realized recently that I don't have anything of real value to offer the type of manager that I'm seeking... yet. So until I do, until I get my first co-star credit, or join SAG, or feel like such a rockstar in class that I KNOW I can walk into any agent or managers' office 100% confident in my ability to make them a ton of money, I'm going to hold off on spending my energy on rep submissions. This doesn't mean I won't keep in touch with those on my target list when I have news to share but it does mean I won't be actively pursuing an agent or manager for the time being. NOTE: I'm referring to theatrical rep only. Commercial rep is completely different. I'm very much still seeking that and yes, referrals are always welcome. :-)

So without any further adieu, here is my 2011 Action Plan...

Action Plan

This year I won't be breaking my action plan into 4 quarters because all of the things I'm implementing are things I need to work on on a continual, consistent basis throughout the year. 

1. Keep a journal of one thing I do each day to further my career. The idea behind this is to celebrate the small things {thanks Joe!}. I'll be posting the amended version on this blog on a daily basis and will keep an actual physical journal to expand on the things I may not want to share publicly.

2. Edit my reel. Just need to get this done already. I have footage from DWP and I've written a few scenes to shoot to round it out. Though this will be an ever changing thing I want to cross this off my list by February.

3. Submit to commercial agents once a month until I land rep. Submissions via email, mailings, drop-offs and {hopefully} referrals!

4. Finish what I started with Diary of a Wedding Planner. I still have 6 more episodes to shoot and 2 per year won't cut it. Of course, the more I shoot, the more I learn so I'm looking forward to sharing the rest of Khristy's story before this year is up.

5. Get DWP on IMDb. I tried submitting this once the regular way, didn't work. So next step is to go ahead and choose which festival(s) to submit to via Withoutabox. Though there are no guarantees I don't know of anyone who went this route and didn't get their webseries listed so here's hoping for the best!

6. Get into class and stay there for a while. I'll be taking another cycle of Class Rules beginning this week {thanks to the overwhelming generosity of Michelle- sooooo appreciate you!}and I've already signed up for 2 six week cycles of {surprisingly affordable} acting coach Dustin Felder's class beginning January 17th. Since I'll be actively seeking commercial rep I plan to take a refresher course of Killian's Workshop as well as a free weekly improv class at the Culver City location of Monkey Butler Comedy. I also really REALLY want to take Lesly Kahn's Comedy Intensive, Technique Clinic and Audition Ignition but I have to wait until I get a job or start back at the temporary night gig because she's pricey... though from what I've heard from multiple people, worth the money.

7. Join & become active in networking organizations. I will definitely be joining Women In Film, The Actors Network, ISM and Organization of Black Screenwriters. I am considering joining Film Independent and IAWTV as well.

8. Develop relationships with three casting offices. The three offices who are on my #OperationGetOnTheirRadar list are Linda Lowy Casting {Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice}, Junie Lowry Johnson & Libby Goldstein {True Blood} and Twinkie Byrd {Jumping the Broom, Notorious}. Yes the obvious thing to do is to sign up for CD Workshops that they and their associates conduct, and I will. But beyond that I will be reaching out to each of them over the year to see if getting an internship with them is a possibility. 

9. Write More. Whether blogging, writing stand alone scenes, treatments or full scripts for some of the multiple short film ideas I have {not quite ready to tackle a feature just yet} I plan to workout this creative writing muscle of mine more often so that it can get stronger.

10. Step my game up image-wise. Here's the thing: I'm comfy cozy in jeans and a cute top with flats or sneakers. While I love sexy heels, form-flattering clothes, cute accessories & fly makeup as much as the next girl, they're not very practical for my day to day life as a mom. HOWEVER, after being in the hot seat during our pitch clinic week in Class Rules and being told never to wear certain things again {HA! Thank you Ryan for your lovingly brutal honesty} I realized I need to be "on brand" more than just the times I go out for auditions. Basically I need to go back to dressing like I did before Stephen put a ring on it. Not necessarily dressing sexier although that's nice too, but moreso looking like I can fit in at a snazzy PR firm rather than a mommy & me playdate. So best believe there will be lots of trips to H&M, Forever 21, Macy's, Ross and TJ Maxx throughout the year. At least now I can honestly use the excuse "This really is for work!" 

11. Shake, shimmy, stretch, pop and leap into shape. As a former dancer this is the one I'm most excited about! I know I can't commit to a gym but I can commit to taking a dance class at least once a week {more as I can afford it}. Yes I still want to lose some weight but more than that I want to have energy and stamina again. I want to be able to dance again without feeling winded after 10 minutes. And I want to work on toning my tummy without running {cause I HATE to run}. So I've already started on this one! Took a Cardio Strip Hop class this morning and will try out a few of the other classes that they have to offer including Burlesque, Yoga Booty Ballet, Cardio Ballet, Booiaka, Bollywood, West African, Cardio Can Can and Urban Hip Hop.

12. Join SAG. Yes I know that once I join I'll be cutting myself off from non-union gigs but honestly those aren't my aim anyway. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking non-union jobs at all! They are excellent for getting more experience, more credits and {sometimes} more money. But the shows that I really want to be cast in will require a SAG card, point blank. I don't know when I'll be joining this year, could be as early as March, could be as late as December, but I know I will join.

On a final related sidenote, thanks to the Hollywood Happy Hour message board I've discovered this FANTASTIC free website: www.workflowy.com that I'm loving! I'm a huge listie and I usually have tons of lists {to-do lists, 1 year goals, 5 year goals, shows to watch, topics to blog, etc.} written in many different places but this is the first time I've been able to incorporate all of them into one huge list that's not overwhelming because of the way it's organized. So if you're looking for a place to list all of your new 2011 resolutions & goals check this site out.

Again, Happy New Year to you all! May it be your best year yet!
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  1. Hey Brandi! You have really inspired me! Thanks!

  2. Brandi Ford Says:

    Glad to hear that Debra! Let me know if you decide to start blogging again. I'd love to read all about your journey & I really really like your Not Too Old To Act title! I think you'd inspire many others who might not think acting at their age is possible.

  3. Love the action plan! The more specific the better. Look forward to watching you accomplish all these throughout the year.

    BTW, here's my blog post on getting a short listed on IMDb: http://playbillsvspayingbills.com/2010/02/04/imdb-part-2-getting-listed/


  4. Brandi Ford Says:

    Much love B-Dubb, much love!

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