"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
OWN Custom Candy Bar by Hollywood Candy Girls 
I was recently given an opportunity to cover the TCA {Television Critics Association} Winter Press Tour held at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena last week as a blogger for a website. This event is held twice a year and it's a chance for the television networks to introduce new shows to the press, who knew? I certainly didn't! Basically it's 10 days of one television panel after another. The network president kicks it off, you see a clip of the show, you're introduced to the cast and showrunners and then it's open for questions. Every one from People.com to the LA Times to any other outlet you can think of is there, asking questions and recording everything on their laptops to later turn into articles for their websites. My job was to tweet during some of these panels as well as take notes so that I could write an article covering one or two panels at the end of each day.
The One & Only Oprah Winfrey
The Good
Thankfully this is the longest category in this post. There's so much good for me to talk about. Where do I even begin?
Wearing a Burmese Python courtesy of National Geographic
One of the ridiculously awesome perks of TCA are the cool swag bags you get from each network and the cocktail parties that are thrown. The bonus this year was that Oprah was in the house since she recently launched OWN!
OWN Cocktail Party
Carson Kressley & Nancy O'Dell
Oprah being swarmed by critics as soon as she got inside
Inside the OWN tent
OWN Logo & Me!
Though I didn't get to speak to her it was quite an event to be in the same room with her and see the celebrity power she commands. Gotta say, I loved it! Though I'd never want to work for her, she is certainly an inspiration!

I did get to speak with some other people however.
Cast & Producers of The Game
Cast & Producer of Love That Girl!
I had the opportunity to interview some of the cast from The Game as well as cast and producers of Love That Girl!, both shows I hope to be on one day soon! I also interviewed three independent filmmakers whose documentaries will be shown on PBS. As someone who wants to begin working on a documentary later this year {can't share these details yet} this was extremely educational!
Beautiful party at The Tournament House hosted by Hallmark Channel
I also got to meet some pretty interesting people who are entertainment journalists and was treated to a mini-concert by Harry Connick Jr. which was thoroughly enjoyable! All in all I'd say the good was really REALLY good!
Enjoying a yummy raspberry sorbet dessert

The Bad
Pasadena is far! Last week I logged almost 300 miles on my little trusty Neon and had to pay for child care from my unemployment check in order to even be able to attend. But for this opportunity? Well worth it!

The Ugly {UPDATED}
After long conversations with both my husband and someone who may turn into a mentor I've decided to keep the ugly part of this experience to myself. I never thought when I first started this blog that I'd ever take down anything I've written since my goal is to share all the ups and the downs of my journey. But I'm learning that some things are better left kept to yourself or shared with a spouse and close friends only, no matter how strongly you feel about it.
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