"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin

Day 58: Oscar Party! Enjoyed an entertaining evening watching the Oscars with fellow Class Rules folks. In case you can't read it the cake says "May your speech be short and sweet." And speaking of speeches, my favorite for the night goes to the young man who thanked his mom for providing craft services for his film, that was touching and all indie filmmakers can understand! For those of you who aren't on Twitter, here were some of the best #Oscar tweets in my timeline for the night...

On the Oscar producers trying so very hard to appeal to a younger demographic...
@slackmistress Next year a fetus will be presenting to appeal to the still-gestating crowd. #Oscars

On having a clip using auto-tune...
@UncompletedWork HIDE YO WIFE HIDE YO OSCARS! {If you still don't get it please see this video right now and watch the entire thing!! You will thank me.}

On Jennifer Hudson...
@Awesomeosity: OH: it's a wig. Pound sign black girl secrets. {Ha! Love it because this was written by a man who ain't black!}

@VeniceRiley Jennifer Hudson is announcing and Gwenyth Paltrow is singin songs of the south? I am in opposite land #oscars

On the lack of minority nominees...
@Michaeljai: We need more young black actors in Hollywood and I mean Actors.. Not rappers turned Actors!! {Amen!}

@girlactor Hold the presses... we got color on the #Oscars! Thank you Oprah!

@billmaher No African American nominees? If you're black and want to make it on Hollywood this year, you better be a swan

The Oscars were entertaining to me so I enjoyed it. Best part about it? It was held in Playa Vista only 5 minutes from my apartment. No drive to the valley for the win! I just wish The Social Network had won Best Picture but then again I still need to see The Kings Speech before forming a true opinion. Hope you all enjoyed the Oscars as much as I did!
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  1. aisha Says:

    The King's Speech was really good! I haven't seen The Social Network yet(not sure how I managed to do that) but King's Speech definitely deserved all the awards and accolades it got. And yes the Oscars were lacking some color this year, but I forsee the both of us standing on that stage one day!!! :-)

  2. Brandi Ford Says:

    I've been wanting to see The King's Speech but my husband is just not into it so I'll probably have to just go see it on my own. And you HAVE to see The Social Network! It really is a great movie that holds your attention from beginning to end.

    As for us at the Oscars: Amen sister, Amen!

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