"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Day 63: Today was a good day! First of all in non-career related news, it was my 4th anniversary with my husband Stephen so yay us! :-)

Ok on to the daily task... today was filled with lots of errand running. I picked up my headshots from Argentum and was pleased, as always, with the quality of the photos. While out and about I received some WONDERFUL news: Diary of a Wedding Planner is now on IMDb!!! How had this happened all of a sudden? I mean I had submitted it months ago and it was rejected so I went the Withoutabox route and submitted it as a pilot to an online film festival but that was weeks ago. Well, turns out Allison Vanore, the director of eps 3-5, apparently has some IMDb clout because she submitted it and up it went within 3 freakin days. Thank you Allison!!! So before the night was over I submitted updates to IMDb with all the cast and crew information from episodes 1 and 2 {and forwarded it to Allison the next day as well to help speed up the process} so hopefully everyone who was a part of it will have it listed on their personal IMDb page by next week.

P.S.- This means Goal #5 can be crossed off my list!
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