"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Day 88: Hired Michael with Retouching For Less to give my headshots a custom setup that will show the versatility of my looks in one print. Since I don't know what type of response these photos will get I ordered the minimum of 25 prints of each one from The Actors Photo Lab. Certainly can't use them online but hopefully they will be well-received when I bring them into auditions and when I mail them to casting directors, managers and theatrical agents. 

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  1. sumanje Says:

    sumanje from malaysia visit your blog...

  2. I've seen this done on the resume too. If you make space for it, you can add a black and white small photo. If your printer is a good one, you can do it at home, otherwise, go to a copy shop. (independent ones are cheaper than FedEx/Kinkos)

  3. M. Says:

    Cool pictures ! I love how your hair can have 2 very different looks. ;)

  4. Your headshots are fantastic.

    So....for some reason google reader is showing some girl named sarah's blog in your place. It has your blog title but when i click on it it's some random girl's blog and I'm pissed.

    Just thought I'd share, but don't worry I'm not coming direct to your blog to read all your fabulous updates. GOOGLE READER WONT STOP ME FROM SUPPORTING MY FAVE HUSTLING LA ACTRESS!!!



  5. Brandi Ford Says:

    @Dani- WTF Google Reader?!? It's not messed up in mine so maybe it's just being wonky today, ugh. Thanks for coming here to stay updated though! You and your soon-to-be-baby-making-adventures are cracking me up.

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