"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Day 86: Used IMDb Pro to research managers. When I saw the names of friends & colleagues who were repped by the managers on my list I then emailed them for their insight. Some gave glowing recommendations, others warned me to stay away and find someone better. In the end I now have a list of 36 managers who I am interested in learning more about.

8 of them are my top choices since they not only have a client list that seems to be working but they also have a production arm which is very important to me since I want to do more producing in the future.

13 of them don't produce but are still legit managers {at least on paper} with a working client list that isn't too large.

Finally 15 of them have a larger client list than I'd prefer or they already have 1 person who is my type but are still managers I've taken an interest in. These are the ones who I will simply keep an eye on to see how things change over time. Though I am making 1 exception and will be submitting to one person in this category based on both a CD and a colleague's recommendation of her work ethic, attitude and reputation.

Obviously I was looking at multiple manager & actor IMDb Pro profiles in order to research thoroughly and apparently that's monitored because I got this email a few hours later...

We've noticed that your IMDbPro.com account has recently been used to

retrieve a large number of pages from our site within a short period of
time, which is normally incompatible with the usage pattern of a single

Usually this means that the account is being used for some kind of
automated data retrieval, which puts undue strain on our servers and is
prohibited by our subscriber agreement 
being used by more than one person simultaneously, which may indicate a
lost/stolen password.

Please remember that only you are entitled to access IMDbPro.com using
your password and IMDb ID and that you may not permit anyone else to
access IMDbPro.com using your password and IMDb ID.  Please be aware that
we limit automated requests to a maximum of one per minute.  Furthermore,
data gathered is limited to personal, non-commercial, use.  Should you
wish to license a segment of our database for commercial use, we can make
that available to you for a separate fee.

The IMDb Pro Help Desk

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Brandi - Can you post your IMDb Pro username and password on here so we can all use your account? Help your fellow actors out!


  2. Brandi Ford Says:

    Hahaha! Surely they'd ban me for life if I did that. I mean I'm all for helping out when I can but I think you gotta roll solo on this one partna! :-)

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