"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Day 80: Took a trip to the post office to send out my headshots to 8 commercial agents. Would've been a lot easier to leave in my mailbox but my mailwoman isn't always reliable. Didn't want to take the chance that they'd still be sitting there on Wednesday. Had lunch with Rayshell at a sushi bar on the westside once the rain died down. We caught each other up on the projects we're working on as well as what's going on in our personal lives over yummy steamed shrimp dumplings. Afterwards, and what I'm very excited about is that I finished reading Bitch Is The New Black. I'm not gonna review the book since I'm not a critic but I will say that it was both hilarious and real and the chapters "Bridge to Nowhere" and "The New B Word" had me cosigning more than once. I know the author is just beginning to write the screenplay so it could be quite a while before it ever reaches the casting stage but I will definitely be keeping an eye on it. #OperationGetOnTheirRadar is in full effect.
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