"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Day 73: Had a great meeting with a commercial agent. We discussed the state of SAG & AFTRA and the possibilities of a merger, how you can have the greatest acting coach ever but if they're unknown it won't matter since CD's want to see "name brand" training on your resume, my family life and whether or not the kids want to be in the business {NOT- at least definitely not now}, my night job that leaves my days open and free to audition, how she saw me versus how I see myself and so on and so forth. One thing that stuck out in my mind was my lack of useful special skills that can "set me apart" from the crowd though she did get a kick out of my real world experience as a wedding & event planner. She *liked* my headshot but didn't love it, it was a little too smiley for her taste so I'll be sending her a link of a few of my other favorites from the shoot. She also asked if I was taking any other meetings and I told her I would be contacting a few other agencies and she encouraged me to take as many meetings as possible. If she decides she'd like to work with me her offer won't "expire" so her only request was that I keep her posted as I'm making my decision. And as I left she told me that yellow is a great color for me! All in all I'd say it went well.

Afterwards I intended to do a drop-off at one commercial agency nearby but happily discovered that there were 4 more agents in the same building who I had either already e-mailed or who were on my list to mail in my submission so I dropped off my headshot with them as well. Wilshire Blvd is apparently a mini mecca for agents.
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