"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Day 76: *Sigh* I had such high hopes for today. After all, I had an audition for a really cute short film playing a girl next door role. Too bad after taking Stevie for a checkup and doing a little bit of car shopping I decided to take a quick catnap that turned into me sleeping right through my audition. I mean I completely missed it! Ugh. I rarely miss auditions, mainly because I'm pretty selective with what I submit on so if I get an audition I want to be there! And the premise of this film was so cute! But no, instead of grabbing some coffee or taking a nap afterwards I decided to lay my heavy head on my pillow and it was all over. Total flake factor. And the crazy thing is, since I set my alarm and hit the snooze button when I should have gotten up, I ended up dreaming that I was missing an audition for Grey's Anatomy. For some crazy reason in my dream Chandra Wilson who plays Bailey was the session runner and was telling me how they wanted to see me do the role. It was a quick two-line co-star and she gave me the sides and sent me on my way to look it over for a few minutes. Well instead of going back in the room I decided to chat it up with 2 other actresses who had already finished their audition and in the process I completely missed mine. Once I realized I blew an opportunity to meet Shonda Rhimes I was devastated but could only be mad at myself. And then... I woke up mad at myself in real life for still laying in my bed instead of being at CAZT where I was supposed to be.

On a positive note though, I did add my reel to IMDb and discovered my starmeter has dropped to a much lower number so yay for that! And as always, I submitted for a few roles on Actors Access so the day wasn't a total loss. Still though, gotta do better.
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