"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Aisha Tyler
Nia Long
Day 78: Described myself as a "hybrid" of two known actresses in a cover letter I wrote for my commercial agent mailings. Since I've never met any of these agents and know more about the overall agencies rather than the individual agents I'm submitting to, there wasn't much personalization I could do here. I did however, include where I've been studying and the fact that I was recently on avail for a commercial. I also included the following:
"I've been described as a young Aisha Tyler meets Nia Long with the sweetness of Valerie Bertinelli and am constantly called in for the Young Mom, Girl Next Door and Sassy Best Friend roles." 
Anika Noni Rose
Describing yourself as being similar to one celebrity meets another celebrity is called a hybrid and the above hybrid is the one I've received {from classmates & colleagues} the most. The thinking behind it is that I can fit in with the Ivy League crowd just as easily as with the homegirls from around the way. Which reminds me of when I was in high school and decided to have a house party for my birthday. I invited all my black friends who were in my step group {stepping as in Stomp the Yard type stepping for those who don't know} and my mostly white friends from my performing arts high school and the result was a segregated hilarious experiment gone wrong. Me and my black friends partied it up dancing in the garage (Ha! It was a hot mess but we had fun!) while my white friends and I drank soda in the living room and told jokes. There was no conflict or anything just a clear divide with me going back and forth between the two groups, which really makes me laugh when I look back on it. But I digress...
Audra McDonald

Other hybrids I've been given include Aisha Tyler meets Anika Noni Rose and Aisha Tyler meets Audra McDonald, either way Aisha Tyler has definitely been the common denominator. Hey, she's beautiful and funny, probably a lot funnier than me, so I'll take it! What do you think though? Anyone else I resemble either physically or essence-wise that would help producers/directors/cd's instantly know how to cast me?
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