"None of us suddenly becomes something overnight. The preparations have been in the making for a lifetime.- Gail Goodwin
Day 62: Met with Killebrew Mason and Daniele Carrol for some SAG New Media talk at Starbucks. I was able to share with them some of the things I've learned as a self-producer over the last year and they were able to share some tips with me regarding meeting with commercial reps. Oh, did I tell ya'll I have a meeting next week? Yep, got a referral from a friend and I'm meeting with her agency next Monday. *Happy Dance*
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  1. Rob Gokee Says:

    I. Love. Your. Blog.

    You're so inspirational, doing something to further yourself one step at a time, one day at a time. Thank you so much for sharing, Brand1:)

  2. Brandi Ford Says:

    Thanks for reading Rob! It's always nice to know I'm not just writing this for myself.

  3. It was so great to meet you and to learn from you about SAG New Media! I'm sending you positive vibes for your meetings!! :) xoxo

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